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Guest Tips to Rio de Janeiro - Rio de Janeiro travel guide

Guest Tips to Rio de Janeiro

by Antonio Pedro Figueira de Mello

Real Gabinete Português de Leitura
The Royal Portuguese Reading Room is one of the most beautiful places I know. It is ideal to spend a morning there.

Bira´s Bar at Barra de Guaratiba
To have a passionfruit caipirinha and to taste the different pasteis (fried wontons) while admiring the breathtaking view from Marambaia plant reef is, without a doubt, one of the best options in Rio.

Ouvidor and Mercado Street Corner
On Friday afternoons, you can´t go wrong joining the Cariocas for their happy hour at this revitalized street junction, next to the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil and the Casa França-Brasil. When the evening starts, the bars offer free live top-notch samba. Cheap and unmissable.

“Globo” Brand air-biscuits and Mate tea on tap
You can´t leave Rio without trying this perfect duo on a sunny day. When at the beach and you start feeling hungry or thirsty, try the Globo air-biscuits accompanied by a cup of Mate tea straight from the vendor with the barrel. Be sure to ask him to mix both tea and lemonade flavors “misturado”. It´s always cold, refreshing and goes great together with the biscuits.

Jardim Botânico
I find it fundamental to set aside a day to spend enjoying the natural beauty of the Botanical Gardens, one of the favorite places of the great maestro and Bossa Nova co-creator Antonio Carlos Jobin.

In the wee hours, your best bet is a beer at Jobi, the last bar to close in town. While absorbing Rio’s life style, have a chopp (draft beer) and bolinho de bacalhau (cod cake).

You can´t miss Maracana on a Sunday… it´s obligatory!

Antonio Pedro Figueira de Mello is president of Riotur, the city´s tourism office.

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