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Lapa 40 Graus (Club)

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A full house, with billiards, lounge, bar, stage with some major performers. If you see Carlinhos de Jesus (a famous dancer and choreographer, as well as partner in the club), show him your camera and ask him to take a picture of you—he loves that gag!

Rua do Riachuelo, 97
tel: 3970-1338 | – Lapa

Lapa (Bar Hopping Area)

Rio De Janeiro Guide for Lapa Bar Hopping Area

In the last years it has become the center of Rio De Janeiro nightlife, with 30 gafieiras (dance halls), 40 bars, a few night clubs and three show venues. Every city should follow suit, setting up a night scene in historic, non-residential areas, with room for growth and no neighbors to complain of the noise.

– Lapa


Rio Scenarium (Club)

The hippest and most swankily decorated place in Rio. A hit with all demographics, from college kids to their great-great-granmas. Get in really early, 8PM early, and have dinner there. Otherwise you may face ‘round the block lines.

Rua do Lavradio, 20
tel:3147-9005 | WEBSITE – Lapa



Arcos Da Lapa (Arches)

Several Brazilian cities would give everything to have such a historically important, beautiful and awe-inspiring post-card. Largo da Lapa Lapa

Selaron Stairs

Perhaps one of the top five most interesting attractions in Rio: 30 years of daily dedication lavished on by a Chilean artist.

Rua Joaquim Silva – Lapa



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