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Recommended Lunch Places - Rio de Janeiro travel guide

Recommended Lunch Places

Here is a list of our favorite lunch places in the South Zone and downtown Rio. Ask any carioca for directions.
$ = Under R$30
$$ = Between R$0 and R$50

Frontera $$ (by-the-pound)
Fazendola $$ (by-the-pound)
Papa Fina $$ (by-the-pound)
Delirio Tropical $ (salads)
Gula-Gula $$ (executive lunch)
New Natural $$ (by-the-pound)
Aipi & Aipim $$ (by-the-pound)
Big Nectar $ (sandwiches)
Garota de Ipanema $$ (steak)
Galitos $ (chicken)
Koni $ (japanese)
Real Kebab $ (arab)
Azteka $ (mex)
Balada Mix $$ (salads)

Felini $$ (by-the-pound)
BB Lanches $ (sandwiches)
BiBi $ (sandwiches)
Zona Sul $ (pizza)

Beterraba $$ (by-the-pound)
Siqueira Grill $$ (by-the-pound)
Balbec $$ (arab)
Monchique $$ (bbq)
Galeto Sat’s $ (chicken)
Amir $$ (arab)

Jardim Botanico
Couve Flor $$ (by-the-pound)

Spoleto $ (pasta)

Lamas $$ (steak)
Devassa $$ (executive lunch)

Delirio Tropical $ (salad)
Gula-Gula $$ (executive lunch)
Angu do Gomes $ (exec. lunch)

Benkei $$ (japanese)
Balada Mix $$ (salads)

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