Rio de Janeiro Guide: 8 Steps To a Perfect Trip

Last Updated on February 10, 2022

Rio de Janeiro Guide

Follow these 8 steps of Rio De Janeiro Guide and your  visit will be smooth like Sade.


1) Go beyond hotels in Rio.

Consider these lodging options:Rio De Janeiro Guide Apartments and Rom Rentals

  • Apartment and room rentals  >
  • Stay for free on someone`s couch >
  • Spend very little in hostels >
  • or look for hotel rooms >
2) Get a travel Rio De Janeiro guide.Travel iwith the Help of a Rio De Janeiro Guide

You will see little, party less and eat poorly without one. We recommend ours, as it is award-winning and highly reviewed on Check out the free version of Rio For Partiers travel guide in pdf format. Or buy the full version of the guide here.

3) Study your tour options in Rio.

We have chosen a few “must dos” in Rio de Janeiro, and listed them here in our Rio Quick View site

4) Book tours ahead of time.

Use any of these

5) Listen to some Brazilian music.

for free on Grooveshark Check out our playlist of Brazilian songs bound to hook you.

6) Learn  a little portuguese.

so you don`t get stuck in situations. We recommend our speed language course, based on the essential nouns style of communicating. Portuguese For Tourists

7) Download a smartphone Rio travel appDownload a Rio De Janeiro Guide App on your iPhone or Adroid

for your iPhone or Android

8) Find out what`s going on, nightlife-wise

Check out some parties going on Rio this week on the Party Calendar


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