Rio Stats and Keys

Last Updated on February 10, 2022

How to Call:
Within Rio: mobile are now a 9-digit number starting with “9”, ex: 998894-9857
Rio de Janeiro to USA: 00 31 + country code (i.e.: 1 for USA) + area code + telephone number
To call from Rio de Janeiro to other cities in Brazil=
0 + 31 + city area code + telephone number


Arriving in Rio
Distance between International Airport Antônio Carlos Jobim (GIG) to Copacabana = 20 Km (30min w/o traffic) = roughly R$45
Distance between Santos Dumont Airport to Copacabana = 15 Km (20 minis)= roughly R$23
Bus station: Rodoviária Novo Distance between Copa to Novo Rio =20km = R$24


Rio de Janeiro is a subtropical city. Summer: December to March with temperatures 25°C (77°F) to 42°C (108°F);
Winter: June to August, temperature around 20°C (68°F) to 16°C (60°F).
Most Common Electric Socket


Electric voltage: 110V. (some hotels have 220V. adaptors)

Commercial hours: 9am to 7pm
Shopping centers: 10am to 10pm
Banks: 10am to 4pm
Cash machines: 6am to 10pm
Cash machines at Galeão airport/ Santos Dumont airport/ Rodoviária bus station are 24h.
Restaurant/bar tip: 10% of the total: usually already included. Look for the word “serviço” on the bill


Subway Station
From Monday to Saturday: 5am to 12am
Sunday and holidays: 7am to 11pm.


Rio de Janeiro’s Neighboring States

  • West: Minas Gerais 
  • North: Espírito Santo
  • Southwest: São Paulo
  • East: Atlantic Ocean

Public Holidays

  • 1st of Jan – New Years Day
  • 20th of Jan – Saint Sebastian: only in Rio
  • 8th to 17th Feb 2013 – Carnival
  • Shifting dates in Mar – Holy Week
  • 21st of Apr – Tiradentes (Independence hero)
  • 23rd of Apr – Saint George’s Day (only in Rio)
  • 1st of May – Labor Day
  • Shifting dates in June – Corpus Christi
  • 7th of Sept – Independence Day
  • 12th of Oct – Our Lady of Apparition – Brazil’s Holy Lady
  • 2nd of Nov – Finados (Day of the Dead…oooooooo!)
  • 15th of Nov – Proclamation of the Republic
  • 20th of Nov – Zumbi Dos Palmares: Black Consciousness day (only in Rio and Bahia)
  • 25th of Dec – Christmas Day

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