Lagoa & Botanical Gardens

Last Updated on February 10, 2022

JB Pedro Kirilos riodejaneiro.pedrokirilos (55)Cycling around Lagoa is a great option when the weather, or your head, is cloudy. Estimated Total Time (T): 5h Estimated Total Cost (C): R$ 90 Best on: Cloudy Weekday

Get breakfast at a juice bar: Acai (see page 164) with a misto-quente.

Rent bike
Rent a bike for the whole day. Ask your hotel reception for the nearest bike rental, or consider the Samba Bikes (see page 52).
Make sure you rent the lock too, as you will be leaving it locked here and there.

Cycle around Lagoa
Head over to Lagoa and cycle around it anti-clockwise, stopping at any of the coconut stands for some coconut water.

Stop for lunch at the Gavea mall`s food court. After lunch, check out the rest of the mall.

Jardim Botânico
Once three quarters of the way around Lagoa, you should look for signs for Jardim Botanico. Get over there, lock the bike and walk around for an hour.

Designer street
Rio’s designer corner, with 4 large stores showcasing dozens of designer creations.
Rua Lopes Quintas, between 87 and 167

Parque Lage
Then bike over to Parque Lage, right next door. Nice. Snoop Dogg`s “Beautiful” video was filmed there. Chill at their cafe and soak it all in. Plan out your video clip for your future smash-hit single featuring Placido Domingos.

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