A complete travel guide to Rio de Janeiro

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    Get freebies and discounts

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  • Tools for every moment

    Tools for every moment

    Portuguese Cheat Sheet, Street Price Guide, Emergency Contact List are some of the tools you can use at every moment

  • Partier's Map

    Partier's Map

    An over-sized map you can quickly access to find your way around

  • Innovative Chapters

    Innovative Chapters

    Step away from the herd and enjoy the Rio in new ways with dozens of unique tips for a memorable experience.

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  • Save time!

    Save time!

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Rio for Partiers is not your parents’ travel guide; if you thought all travel guides are boring (hey I thought so too), you haven’t checked out this amazing guide book, written for young people by young people. Live music, clubbing, street parties, or just plan chilling: it’s all right there
- Amazon.com- Top 100 reviewer

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A Rio de Janeiro guide book designed by young people for young people
Lawrence Bernabo
Lawrence Bernabo
Amazon top 50 reviewer
This book, more than lavishly illustrated with high quality photos, is an enormously attractive travel guide to hedonistic Rio de Janeiro.
Joe Haschka
Joe Haschka
Amazon top 100 reviewer
his is a witty, entertaining, very informative, and indispensably useful guide to discovering the myriad delights of Rio de Janeiro ...
Michael Mathena
Michael Mathena
Amazon top 100 reviewer