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Monday - Rio de Janeiro travel guide




Only good on Mondays
Approach index: 5
Get there at: 11pm
Ages 20 to 30
Dress to party
Incredibly fun boat parties with great DJs, barbecue and drinks, for an all-inclusive price. Look for their Facebook page www.facebook.com/rioboatclub. Only on Mondays, pre-sold via site.

Street Party

pedra do sal 2013

Pedra do Sal

Only on Mondays
Approach index: 5
Entrance: Free
Get there at: 6pm
Ages 22 to 40
Dress down
For the last 4 years, the funnest place to be on Monday. Packs the street as a happy-hour with a samba circle where everyone sings along, then it becomes hungry-hour, so try the soups served nearby. Praça São Francisco da Prainha, Saúde

Live Music

praia vermelha 2 OK

Praia Vermelha

Also good on Mon & Fri
Approach index: 1
Entrance: Free
Get there at: 10pm
Ages 40 to 70
Dress casual
The closest thing you’ll get to a luau, since it’s on the beach right next to Sugarloaf, in the safest area in Rio (Urca’s military complex is around it). Free show of chorinho, pagode and samba by some of Rio’s diehards. The latin simplicity: free music, panoramic view and cheap beer, makes this one of the most important nightlife stops of your tour, even if for an hour. Cancelled on rainy evenings. Praia Vermelha, Urca


ovelha negra 2

Ovelha Negra

Also good weekdays
Approach index: 5
Entrance: Free
Get there at: 6pm
Ages 22 to 40
Dress casual
Brazil’s first “champagne only” bar. Friendly atmosphere and affordable bottles starting at R$38… you can’t go wrong. A great break from the beer and caipirinha scene.
Rua Bambina 120 Botafogo


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