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Arcos Da Lapa (Arches)

Several Brazilian cities would give everything to have such a historically important, beautiful and awe-inspiring post-card. Largo da Lapa Lapa

Selaron Stairs

Perhaps one of the top five most interesting attractions in Rio: 30 years of daily dedication lavished on by a Chilean artist.

Rua Joaquim Silva – Lapa



Ocean Kayaking

Have you thought about going around Sugar Loaf mountain via the sea? Astonishing? Yes! The bay water are calm enough to make the experience pleasureable, and easy enough for most. Daily tours. Book 24 hours in advance.


tel: 3322-8765 or 9392-9203




Ocean Fishing

Tired of freshwater fishing? Try to land a marlin! Tremendously expensive, so get some friends and go Dutch.

address and contact info for Pescaria Em Alto Mar – Alto Mar



Santa Teresa Tram

Dripping with charm, yet so ancient they

seem about to fall apart. Do ride on one. It is quite amusing to watch snippets of daily life unfold, such as the conductor stopping, going out to buy smokes, climbing back up aboard and riding on nonchalantly.

address and contact info for Bondinho De Santa TeresaAv. Pasteur, 520 2546-8400 | WEBSITE – Santa Teresa


Christ Statue

Among the Seven Modern Wonders of the World, it is the closest to God one can get in Rio. The best way to go see the Statue of the Christ is to take the Corcovado train. During high season, get there early, or buy the ticket early and come back by 4:30PM to be up there by sunset. Rua Cosme Velho, 513 tel: 2558-1329 | WEBSITE – Cosme Velho

Maracanã (soccer stadium)

The largest temple in Brazil, where every Wednesday and Sunday 120 thousand people congregate to do some serious praying, devoutly intense, making all sorts of promises to the saints. Want to go, but are scared? Go with a group, with the hook-up: van, tickets, security chaperones etc.


Tour company:

tel: 9998-2907



Copa Walking path

Ever walked and prayed? You will. Be thankfull.

– Copacabana

Joatinga Beach

Joatinga Beach in Rio De Janeiro Travel

The most secluded and the most ‘Hawaiian’ of Rio’s beaches. Send us a “Thank you”! Arrive early, because the sun will be blocked by the cliff later on.

– São Conrado



Passeio De Escuna (Boat tour)

“Ducaramba”! Ainda mais se tiver festa, sol e cerveja.

Awesome! Especially it there is partying, sunshine and beer.

address and contact info for Passeio De EscunaMarina da Gloria 2581-6229 | WEBSITE – Gloria

Pedra Bonita Walk

The Beautiful Rock. The name says it all. The hike is inclined, yet not enough to need to climb. Tours whenever the weather seems promissing. Bring snacks and adventure gear. And a camera!


tel: 3322-8765 or 9392-9203


Salgueiro (Samba School)

The samba school with the best infrastructure: the streets around are safe, it is close to zona Sul, with air conditioning and good-looking people. Quinho, the singer, would be reason enough to go, though.

Rua Silva Teles, 104

tel:2238-9226 | WEBSITE – Tijuca



Quiosque Palaphita Kitch (Kiosk)

You, on a couch in the garden. A caipirinha made with umbu fruit in one hand, on the other hand your beloved. He or she talking, yet you don’t listen, mesmerized by the view—the lagoon, the mountains. Now that’s vacationing.

Av. Epitacio Pessoa S/N, Quiosque 20

tel:2227-0837 | www.palaphitakitch.com.br – Lagoa



Sanduíche Do Uruguai (Sandwich)


sanduruguai OK copy

Posto 9 – Praia de Ipanema     – Ipanema

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