Choobee-doobee and other free-to-use buddy trip catch-phrases:

Ever notice how every time you are on a trip with your buddies, at the start of the trip one of them will crack a joke that will make everyone laugh, and pretty soon that keyword or phrase becomes repeated throughout the trip? Those are called Choobee-doobies, and they can be used even after the trip is over, well into the end of your marriage (probably the cause of).

“Ain’t that right Jackie honey?”
And we all laugh for a split second. She sighs.

So here are some phrases you can BORROW during your trip to Rio, in case you dont come up with one by day 2.

  • Choobee-doobee = totally free from meaning, which is great and very versatile.
  • Nya-banyeh = like above.
  • Tchoo-roo = whenever “thing-a-magig” or “doo-hickey” is too long, Tchoo-roo (2 syllables) will flow right off your tongue. Great for explaining foreign words. (Example “Get me one of those tchoo-roos”… but you have to point at the same time, otherwise you might end up with nothing, or a churo.)
  • Tchup-Tchoo-roo (how you would call your buddies over, or to get their attention).
  • That’s what she said (props to the writers from The Office (US)).
  • That’s said she what (once the above gets tiring).
  • Pew-Pew-roo (said in a condescending way to anyone who seems to bitch about little shit. If you puff up your cheeks so you look like a sad Saint Bernard puppy, you’ll add the cherry to this reply).
  • I hears ya (only say it sarcastically, whenever it is clear you didn’t hear them).

Retro Choobi-doobies

Are ones that can be revitalized if repeated over and over, and always at the right context:

  • Hot-diggity! (said in 50’s style, with a victory punch to the left side the side).
  • Ass if (a variation of the overused “as-if”.)
  • Uh-huh! He said [word]! (imitating Butthead).
  • In ya face!
  • Ooooh! Diss!
  • Finger!
  • Booosh!
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