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Kite Surfing

Kite surfing is the coolest shit! It is the newest water sport and is something you can learn during your stay in Rio. Not only is Rio a great place to practice and learn the sport, but down here lessons are also very affordable compared to 1st World prices (usually about 1/5 of what a similar course runs for out there).

However, it is not for every one. You have to be in shape. If you haven’t been working out, you won’t be able to keep up with the four-hours-a-day lessons. They are very demanding. Sort of like working out at the gym for 4 hours.

The fastest way to learn it is to take a 2-day class. The first day you learn how to fly the kite and then to body-drag, which is to lay in the water and control the kite so it drags you around. The next day you learn to stand up on the board, and possibly do a few manoevers and jumps.

The best places in Rio to learn to kite surf is Barra beach, around the posto 2 and 3. It offers steady wind conditions (5 days a week average), warm waters for you to learn, waves and lots of space.

2 Day course (3-4 hours on each day), starting at R$620.

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