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The first thing anyone arriving in rio should do is sit on Ipanema beach for at least a few hours. But of course, you can’t just go to the beach – there is a little ritual to follow.

EstimateTotal Time (T): 8h Estimate Total Coast (C): R$ 130 Best on: Sunny Weekday

Beach Gear

First, buy yourself some fashion conscious swimming gear as Brazilian beach fashion is different from the other countries: swimming trunks are wide on the side, and bikinis are medium-small trangles with a horizontal straps.

Garota de Ipanema
Rua Vinícius de Moraes 53


Then go for a juice and “pastel” at any of the juice bars on Visconde de Pirajá street.



Ipanema Beach

You can now finally go to the beach. A beach tent vendor will find a chair for you upon request (R$2 to R$3). Plunk down and let the view sink in. Don’t order a beer just yet. Butt-watch instead.


You are in one of the world’s most gifted cities. now you can order a beer. Ask for a beer holder (“isopor”) as the heat can warm up your beer before you get half way throught it.



You can try most of the stuff the beach vendors have to offer, with the exception of the shrimp, which tends to go bad under the sun.




If you want to try something different, look for “z” beach tent. He makes probably the best chicken sandwiches in Rio, using his own “chimi-churi” sauce. Don’t add the peppers though.

Another good option is the hotdog from any of the two vendors.

After the beach, wash off the sand at the lifeguard post and head over to Benkei (sushi) (A), Garota de Ipanema (steak and fries) (B), Delírio Tropical (salads) (C), Big Nectar (sandwiches) (D) for a late lunch.


Walk across to Visconde and check your email at the closest internet cafe.

Window Browse Visconde

Check out the shops along Visconde de Pirajá, walking counter traffic till sundown. Cut across to the beach to hopefully catch the sunset in Ipanema, drink in hand. Head back to the hotel for a siesta.

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