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What to Do in Rio When It´s Raining

Brazilian Cooking Classes

Like to cook? Want to play around and learn some Brazilian recipes to show to your friends back home? You can take some cooking classes, learn it all, and of course, eat it all. Cook Rio offers cooking lessons to small groups, starting at 7pm, eating by 9pm. Call by 2pm to schedule and choose from:


A) Feijoada menu: caipinha, pork rinds, feijoada (meat&beans stew, rice, collard greens, oranges, farofa, rice), banana sweet for dessert.

B) Shrimp Muqueca (Bahian) menu: Batida de coco drink, shrimp Muqueca with rice and farofa, Manjar for dessert.

C) Kid’s menu: brigadeiro, carrot cake with chocolate topping and colored chicken skewers.

These lessons only include ingredients that can be readily found in the US or EU countries, so you can cook them when you get back.

Lessons start at R$120 per person and should be scheduled as soon as you arrive, or with 24hrs notice.

Capoeira Lesson

Capoeira is an African-Brazilian martial art/dance developed by slaves for their defense as well as their mental and physical balance. It works every muscle in your body.

Its practice has grown internationally in the last few years, and you can get a taste for it in a lesson or two with master Nestor in his academy. Single lessons (2 hours) are available at 7pm every day of the week for R$30 each. Centro Cultural Casa Rosa Contact: Rodrigo
8877-8804 or 2557-2562
Rua Alice 550, Laranjeiras
R$50 per person, minimum 2. Call by 11am for afternoon private lessons. Or show up on tuesdays and thursdays at 7pm and join the on-going group R$30.

Scuba Lessons

Hey! It is raining! Why not get wet? Go get some scuba diving lessons!
Click here to get more details

Massage Parlor

What’s better than sex? That’s right: massages.
And since you are here, why not go big? At the Urban Spa Maria Bonita, you choose many kinds of massages and therapies like:
Colon Therapy
Hot Stones
And much more
The perfect stop after the beach considering it`s right behind Posto 9.
Call first to make apointment.
Maria Bonita Urban Spa
Contact: Tadeu
Rua Prudente de Morais 729
L.Guimarães, Santa Teresa
[email protected]

Roughly R$120 for 1 hour with up to 3 types of massages.


Check our Culture section for more details.
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Heck, you are bound to find a lot of the same international shops at the local malls (Levi’s, Armani, etc.) but some shops offer stuff at good prices you can’t find elsewhere: Brazilian pants for women, shoes and bags, beach gear.

Click here for gift ideas.

Fruit Tasting at the Produce Fair

There is one going on every day, so why not spend an hour trying all the tropical fruits available? Click here for daily schedule.

Dance Lessons

You can either sit around waiting for the sun to come out, or you can go learn a few dance moves! Really! Just call and schedule private lessons (individual or group). Dance lessons last 2 hours, and should be enough to last a lifetime of showing off.
Your options of dance lessons are: Samba (Samba de Pe), Ballroom samba, Zouk (a new, more sensual Lambada) and Forro.

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