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Friday Night

Clubbing and Dance: Lapa 40 Graus

One of the best new places to open up recently in Lapa: 4 floors, each with different bands and DJs. The first floor has a butequim and pool hall, the second a lounge, the third another pool hall, the forth a large dance floor and stage with Rio´s top  names in Samba and other sounds from Rio. Amazing! Lots of dancing. Come early and stay till the wee hours.

Ages: 25 to 40
Approach index: 4
Get there at :10pm
Dress casual.

Rua do Riachuelo 97, Lapa
Also good on Fri & Sat



Lapa is great any day of the week, specially on Fridays and Saturdays: you have a choice of over 12 bars and areas to hang out at, most of them with live Brazilian music. A most definite must.
Ages: 18 to 35
Approach index:4
Get there at: 10 pm
Dress casual

Rua do Mercado

Happy hour central. A colonial part of downtown is the Rua do Mercado, which has pagode street parties every Friday evening. The area offers a dozen bars to hop around, with a square for the pagode get-together.
Ages: 20 to 40
Approach index: 4
Get there at: 7 pm
Rua do Mercado, Centro



Rua Evaristo de Veiga 149, Lapa
Also good on Thu-Sat

The Maze

Definitely the most unique nightlife experience this writer has had in a while: Jazz on top Rio’s safest favela, over looking Guanabara Bay, facing Sugar Loaf. The place is literally a maze of a building, inside the friendly streets of favela Tavares Bastos, where
they filmed the Hulk 2.
Ages: 28 to 50
Approach index: 4
Get there at: 10 pm
Dress Casual
Ask for The Maze after you get to the end of Rua Tavares Bastos, in Catete.



Considered the best beer in Rio and possibly all of Brazil, Devassa is the answer to premium micro-brew. Apart from the lager, red, pale and stout, they have an exceptional food menu. There are Devassas popping up everywhere, so ask for the nearest one.
Ages: 25 to 55
Approach index: 3
Get there at: 6 pm
Dress casual


Whenever you feel home sick, just go to Shenanigans: it has Guinness and Newcastle, burgers, nachos, barbecue wings, baseball, football and soccer on the TV screens, pool (American table) and darts. Not only that, but the lion’s share of its clients are gringos, so you can team up with them for your group excursions and sport activities.
Ages: 18 to 35
Approach index: 4
Get there at: 9 pm
Dress Casual
Rua Visconde de Pirajá 112, Ipanema

Also good on Wed & Sat

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