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Sampa for short is the right place to be when talking about Gay Pride!!

More than three million queers participate in this city’s Pride, making it the biggest and most spectacular in the world! Meet many queer folk at the downtown Fair, or go to shopping in Oscar Freire street, the most fashionable shopping area of Latin America. Checkout the largest gay and lesbian scene in Latin America with Rio G. But don’t strain yourself too much because you’ll need your legs to boogie during the night in more nightclubs and parties, just let Rio G guide you, bears, circuit, girlies,  muscle-boyz, let us know and we’ll get you there! Ready to let your hair down? Wanna show off your hours of labour at the gym? Then come to play around the Gay Day in the nearby amusement park. Then after that its time to party once more!

And last but not least (plenty of time for your beauty sleep), enjoy São Paulo Pride!!! Dragqueens, boyz, girlz, bears, leathermen, queer and straight families dancing and having fun in this huge march, including floats; you’ve got the be there to be queer.


This gorgeous gay friendly beach city in the South of Brazil deserves avisit during summer season. Florianópolis, affectionately known as Floripa, is the gay friendly State capital of Santa Catarina. Famous for its beautiful bridge, that reminds one of San Francisco, this is a delightful and pretty city divided by the bay, half of it located the magical.

Santa Catarina Island while the other is mainland. Explore the beautiful gay ocean beaches of Praia Mole and Galheta. Take a boat along the North Bay so that you can visit and enjoy the beautiful beaches and cute little islands just off this pleasant and friendly city. Besides, in summer there are many parties to explore! New Year’s Eveis a must, and Carnaval here is so gay that a queer dressed in pink would look rather dull. But wait, during theBrazilian spring time Floripa boats a fantastic gay pride along with the diversity games event – a sporting event for all the queer dudes and dudettes.


Experience the magic of the goddess Yemanjá, at Salvador da Bahia. There you will hear all about its history of this amazing city founded in 1549, once the Brazilian colonial capital for more than two centuries. Then walk around the well preserved historical centre named “Pelourinho”, and enjoy its extraordinary baroque architecture.
Discover how the Africans were able to keep the cults of their tribal religions using elements of the Catholic religion. Also don’t miss the Bahian women (Baiana) dressed in white clothes, always with a wide smile together with their trays of candies and “acarajé”; a typical scene in almost every square in the lively city of Salvador. Salvador will offer you delightful and unique gastronomy of Bahia, based on African recipes with American ingredients, as well as a sizzling gay and lesbian scene. 

Visit one of the dozens of charming city beaches or short excursions to the many islands and beaches dotted in the beautiful bay of Todos os Santos.Then there are also gay beaches and charming colonial cities, as well as the beautiful island of Morro de Sao Paulo, all nearby for you to enjoy and explore.

These are just some of the gaystinations you can visit with Rio G with specifically designed packages for the queer traveler, including flights, gay friendly hotels, tours, clubs and much more!


To travel within Brazil to other gay destinations, for gay friendly hotel bookings or to find out about special gay tours or events within Rio, contact Eduardo at Rio G and ask for the scoop.

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