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Everything You Should Drink



From an international point of view, all Brazilian beers taste the same: they are all lagers or pilsners, as any other type of beer would not agree with the weather. Given an option, ask for Devassa, Skol or Cerpa.




A light draft beer on tap. Preferred over bottled beer. Ask for Devassa or Brahma.





The most refreshing alcoholic mixed-drink in the world! Cachaça, lime, sugar and ice. Great on any occasion: bar, restaurant, clubbing, breakfast. Just don’t buy it from street vendors, as they sometimes use ice made from unfiltered water that can make you sick. Also, try the caipivodka (with vodka) and the caipisake (with sake, duh). And some trendier bars offer it with different fruits: pineapple, strawberry, tangerine etc. When given a choice of cachaça, opt for the ones from Salinas or for a carioca like Magnifica.



Batida de Côco

Very creamy drink, will get you drunk without you knowing it. Coconut milk, rum, sugar and other stuff blended into a milkshake.






A Shot of Pinga

Cachaça (pr: ca-sha-ssa) Only for the macho. Straight cowboy shot of pinga. You won’t need to display your ignorance further.



Pinga com mel

Cachaça with honey, mixed to a point where you don’t taste the cachaça at all. You can drink it all night and wake up sober. Now that’s responsible boozing.





Chilean Wines

Brazilian wines haven’t quite made it yet. While down here, go for the affordable Santa Carolina, or the full bodied Casileiro Del Diablo from Concha&Toro.




The most popular Brazilian soft drink, great on any occasion.
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A strong-flavored iced tea from the south of Brazil, made from the mate herb. Available in diet or regular and in natural or lemon flavored.
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Agua de coco

Coconut water, not milk. Very good for whenever you are dehydrating. Two will cure most hangovers.






Since tap water is not drinkable in Brazil, you should always look for bottled water. SEM GAS = non-carbonated, COM GAS = carbonated.
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Since the weather is hot, you don’t want to walk around with a steaming pint of coffee, so people drink shot-sized cups of very concentrated coffee, to get the kick without raising your body temp.





Ades Juices

Tasty soy milk juices made from various fruits, found in supermarkets.
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