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Tout voir tout faire en 1 journée

Bike Tour

You got one day and you want to see it all in a fun way: Rent a bike in Leblon


Av. Bartolomeu Mitre 455, Leblon

2239-3600 or 2158-3340

and travel through the touristy spots of the city, that line the water front (with the exception of Christ statue), always heading for downtown.

Ride it to Leblon beach and along to Ipanema beach. Cut across to Copacabana , head towards Leme, then take the tunnel towards Botafogo and head for Urca.

For lunch, have a “Picanha Brasileira” (sirloin on a skillet – eats 3 to 4) at Garota da Urca. Then take the cable cars up to Sugar Loaf, hang out for an hour. Continue your ride along Botafogo, Flamengo and Gloria beach.

Stop at the Modern Art Museum, lock up your bike and run around it in the museum for 40 minutes. Hop back on, head downtown, quickly check out the Paço Imperial, then lock up the bikes and kick start the happy hour in Arco do Teles, right after the Paço Imperial.

Have a beer at any of the bars.

At 6pm put your bike into the back of a station wagon taxi and return it before the rent-a-bike closes (8pm).

Car Tour

Conversely, you can hire a taxi (you will need a Brazilian to bargains this part for you) for R$200 or a tour guide so they can take you to all the touristy spots, where you can step out, look around for 15 minutes, then proceed to the next.

Given that traffic will slow you down during rush hours, this is where we recommend you ask him to take you: Zig-zag all of down-town, Mosteiro de São Bento(stop andvisit for 15 minutes), Gloria Church(stop and visit for 15 minutes), Santa Teresa(ride along main street) and stop for lunch at Bar do Mineiro (Largo do Guimarães).

Then continue to Dona Marta(stop and appreciate the view for 30 minutes), Lagoa(drive around it), Ipanema (sit at beach for an hour), Copacabana (walk along beach), Botafogo  (shop at Rio Sul till almost sundown), Pão de Açúcar (go up during sundown), then head over to Lapa  for a caipirinha or two at any of the happy hours, then back to hotel or airport.

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