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A visit to Rio is no trip do Disney World. It is a big city, with its fair share of problems. Should you get into an emergency  situation, be sure to follow these procedures to bring things back to normal.

Ill or Injured

Although Rio has somewhat of a free medical assistance offered by the state, most 1st world visitors may not like the  response time Brazilians have become accustomed to.

Long waiting lines and lack of English speaking attendants may worsen your medical problem.

Luckily there is a clinic devoted to working with tourists 24 hours a day, and in several languages (English, Spanish and French).
They have the necessary infrastructure, or partnerships with other clinics, to cure what ails you, from simple colds to minor surgery.

Should you need to, they can also visit you at your hotel. What’s more, they work with most international health plans and traveller’s insurance.

Galdino Campos Clinic

Contact: Ronaldo Galdino Campos
Rua NS Copacabana, 492
Member of the International Society of Travel Medicine


You ate the peppers, right? Or was it the street caipirinhas with questionable ice? We bad mouth it so much people get curious about them… oh well. What my buddy, who was travelling through India, used to do whenever he got the runs would be to mix a finger of vinegar with a finger of water and gulp it down. That would kill whatever was wrecking havoc in his stomach. He would later drink some yogurt to bring his intestinal flora back up. Soon he would drink a few coconut waters (agua de coco) to hydradte. Has worked for him and others, but surely this is something I can`t recommend because I’m not a doctor…. just a trick I heard…

Rip Offs

Should you get tricked by any establishment in Rio, whether a tampered taxi or a restaurant waiter or a bait&switch shop, contact me. The only things that boils my blood is poor customer service and paying for dumb movies. I live for this, and will try to use all my super-powers to put them in their place. [email protected]

Remember to keep the Emergency Contacts Card (see back cover) always in your pocket.


First say your prayers if you weren`t physically assaulted or attacked. Second, hop over to the Tourist Police Station in Leblon (Av. Afranio de Melo 159 or call 3399-7170). They may not be able to recoup your belongings, but can issue a police report for insurance purposes, and issue an alert to patrol cars to better serve that area.


Were you a bad boy (or girl)? Or were you set up by “the man”? In either case, nothing like a slick lawyer to squeeze you out. To find a best one for your needs, contact your consulate.

Lost Passport

Should you lose your passport (it shouldn`t have left the hotel in the first place), be sure to contact your consulate as they can produce a quick fix.

Lost Flight

Over slept? Unless you are here during extreme high season, you may be able to extend your stay for US$75 or so.
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