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Want to fit into the scene? Let us give you some Gayducation about life in Rio!


A colloquial word used by GLBT for gay man.


Probably the most famous bicha, one that loves to exhibit his muscular body socalled aptly after the famous doll.


Is an older doll that preceded Barbie, and hence denotes an ageing Barbie. Much like a Barbie until you hit the  wrinkles (if they haven’t been plastically remodeled), and the salt and peper muco – hair line (if there remains any).

Bicha Pintosa

Also known as qua-quá an effeminate bicha, typically attempts to dress in trendy clothes, and often uses bikini on the beach in a manner that would make most girls look modest. 

Bicha Fina

A bicha who wants to appear super sophisticated. This kind of a man thinks at the very least that he is Queen Victoria, all the rest please bow or move aside… and no, you are not watching AbFab! 

Bicha Cult

A bicha pretending to be an intellectual, typically with his nose held high. He can quote you Sartre or Lacan but actually never read them, constantly talks about French movies and the latest thing from Europe. 


A bicha pretending to be trendy, but doesn’t have the $$. He leaves the suburban bus hastily and then calmly walks to the club complaining about the taxi ride from the posh neighborhood of São Conrado. 

Tia (literally, auntie)

Also known as bicha velha is a term applied to older gays, particularly the ones who are slightly effeminate and refined.


A fat bicha. A rare specimen on Ipanema beaches as he is in danger of being confused with a whale, wouldn’t want to scare them barbies would you? Just imagine all the commotion… 

Sapa or Sapatão, (literally, a big shoe)

A colloquial word used by GLBT for lesbian. 


The traditional butch.


This sapa, has typically short hair, short nails, uses tight trousers (mostly jeans) and likes to be direct and argue.

Lesbian Chic

A girly and sophisticated lesbian that actually does use lipstick! A champagne glass is permanently attached to their hand.

Other types to look out for:


A transsexual or transvestite. She has the most amazing boobs that make Cicciolina look like Shirley Temple when she was five years old.
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