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Favela Tour

One of the most unforgetable tours you will ever make! The tour through a Rio de Janeiro favela (slum) shows how many lower class Cariocas happily live in minimal yet organized conditions. A must for everyone.

Favela Tour is obligatory if you want a better understanding of Brazilian society. Favela Tour is very safe and not voyeuristic at all. There are different  operators proposing different types of tours in favelas. Tours are not all the same. Favela Tour is the best option if you want a closer and deeper  analysis of all the social aspects involved and presented to the visitor.

The tour introduces you to Rocinha, the biggest favela in Brazil and Vila Canoas next to the rich area of São Conrado. It is a three-hour tour partly walking and driving through these two communities, visiting the comercial  area and the handcraft center in Rocinha, the local school in V ila Canoas, (financed by Favela Tour) as well as seeing impressive views to the city.

The tour changes the reputation of favelas, so often related to violence and poverty only. Don´t be shy, you are very welcome there and your presence  is important to help them finance the local school. If you want a better understanding of Brazil, don´t leave Rio missing this unique experience. As a  great primer, rent “City of God” (Cidade de Deus), and Elite Squad (Tropa de Elite) chilling movies around the control of the drug lords in the shanty  towns.


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