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Lagoa Rodrigo De Freitas (Lagoon) in Rio De Janeiro Travel

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Lagoa Rodrigo De Freitas Lagoon Rio De Janeiro Travel

Every day, even before the first rays of sun, it welcomes its first guests: rowers, cyclists, joggers. Little by little, others join in: babies, mothers, nannies, sailors, lovers. All of them a dedicated supporting cast to a daily spectacle starred by waters which sparkle 24 hours a day.

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (Cultural Center)

Cultural program to please all. Cinema, theater, library, lectures, recitals—all in a lavish historical building, with a central atrium topped by a magnificent skylight cupola bathing the interior of the building in natural light. In here, Art never rests!

Rua 1º de Março, 66
tel:3808-2020 | WEBSITE – Centro



Mosteiro De São Bento (Monastery)

In Brazilian Baroque style, with a gilded wood interior, it is visually imposing. Mass, said daily and supported by Gregorian Chant, is an attraction by itself.

Rua D Gerardo, 40
tel: 2206-8100 | – Centro



Museum of Modern Art

Rio De Janeiro Travel in Museum of Modern Art


The waterfront building is already a piece of art on its own that any Rio De Janeiro Travel group should visit, but there is more! Art exhibits, large and lofty halls, gourmet restaurant, movie theater, design objects store… Well worth the visit, no matter what is in exhibition.

Av. Infante Dom Henrique 85
tel:2240-4944 | WEBSITE – Flamengo



Jardim Botânico (Botanical Gardens)

Wandering through these paths leads the mind towards harmony. The smell of green freshness invades every nook and cranny of your lungs with a bewildering sensation. The world changes, everything gains new meaning!

R. Jardim Botânico, 1008
tel:2239-5340 | – Jardim Botânico



Parque Lage

At the base of Corcovado mountain,

you´ll in fall in love for this place! Snoop Dogg did, and shot his “Beautiful” video here.

address and contact info for Parque LageRua Jardim Botânico, 414 3257-1800 | – Jardim Botânico


Forte De Copacabana (Fort)

Ever since the Army granted access to the public, people have been won over by the unexpected and novel views of Copacabana, Arpoador, Ipanema and Leblon. From high up on the hill, right beside the cannons, the view is breathtaking!

address and contact info for Forte De CopacabanaAv Atlântica Posto 6
tel:2287-3781 | – Copacabana



Theatro Municipal (Opera House) – Rio De Janeiro Travel

So sumptuous that, by entering it, you undergo a transformation. You feel like nobility and act like it too. Concerts, ballet, recitals, opera. Pick your favorite and let yourself go.

address and contact info for Theatro MunicipalPraca Marechal Floriano
tel:2262-3501 | WEBSITE – Centro



Arcos Da Lapa (Arches)

Several Brazilian cities would give everything to have such a historically important, beautiful and awe-inspiring post-card. Largo da Lapa Lapa

Selaron Stairs

Perhaps one of the top five most interesting attractions in Rio: 30 years of daily dedication lavished on by a Chilean artist.

Rua Joaquim Silva – Lapa



Santa Teresa Tram

Dripping with charm, yet so ancient they

seem about to fall apart. Do ride on one. It is quite amusing to watch snippets of daily life unfold, such as the conductor stopping, going out to buy smokes, climbing back up aboard and riding on nonchalantly.

address and contact info for Bondinho De Santa TeresaAv. Pasteur, 520 2546-8400 | WEBSITE – Santa Teresa


Christ Statue

Among the Seven Modern Wonders of the World, it is the closest to God one can get in Rio. The best way to go see the Statue of the Christ is to take the Corcovado train. During high season, get there early, or buy the ticket early and come back by 4:30PM to be up there by sunset. Rua Cosme Velho, 513 tel: 2558-1329 | WEBSITE – Cosme Velho

Maracanã (soccer stadium)

The largest temple in Brazil, where every Wednesday and Sunday 120 thousand people congregate to do some serious praying, devoutly intense, making all sorts of promises to the saints. Want to go, but are scared? Go with a group, with the hook-up: van, tickets, security chaperones etc.


Tour company:

tel: 9998-2907



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