Rancho Portugues

Bacalhau ao Forno no Azeite
I have always wanted to recommend a portuguese restaurant in Rio, as that is Rio’s biggest community: portuguese descendants. There are many cod-fish serving portuguese joints around Rio, but most are either far away or have never been able to send me photos, showing their lack of interest in helping those trying to help them. So I never recommended one, until now: Rancho Portugues is the newest addition, already occupying pole-position, due to its clean ambiance, polite staff and top-notch dishes. Word of caution: don’t let the prices scare you. Most cod-fish platters serves 3 to 4, so bring friends! Do start off with cod-fish cakes, and harmonize it all with a green, red or white Portuguese wine.

R. Maria Quitéria, 136 - Ipanema, Phone:(21) 2287-0335
Wagner Ziegelmeyer-5Pastel de Nata