Churrascaria Palace

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The legendary Churrascaria Palace was one of the bossa-nova artists’ hang-outs in the 50’s. Today it is considered the steakhouse in Rio with the best cost/benefit ratio. Their specialty is picanha, cupim (hump) and lamb ribs. Ask the maitre D’ to serve you “tuti”, the softest, most succulent part of the rib. Also ask for “picanha borboleta” and the Amazonian fish steaks. They also offer calamari, shrimp, sushi, oysters and salmon, as well as scores of side dishes, anti-pasti and salads.
Recent Awards and Prizes: “Top 3 churrascarias in Rio” – Época Magazine 2012, 2014 e 2015 “Best cost x benefit churrascaria” 2012 – O Globo #1 churrascarias (steakhouses) in TripAdvisor Rio de Janeiro since 2014

Rua Rodolfo Dantas 16, Copacabana | tel: 2541-5898 |

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