Brasileirinho Copacabana

Restaurante Brasileirinho, da av. Atlântica. Rio de Janeiro, Março de 2011. Fotos: Andrea Marques / Fotonauta.

Mineiran and Bahian Food
The four regions in Brazil that have their own, authentic and traditional cuisine are Minas Gerais, the Northeast, the Amazon and Bahia. The other regions have a limited number of recipes or are heavily influenced by foreign food, such as the German or Argentinian recipes in the south of Brazil. Brasileirinho in Copa is the deluxe version of the Brasileirinho in Ipanema, and their focus is on Bahian and Mineiran food. What to order: the moqueca, the bobo de camarão (cassava stew with prawns), tutu a mineira (the best bet here, refried black beans with pork chops and kale).

Av. Atlantica 3564, Copacabana | tel: 2267-3148 |
casa da feijoadafeijoada22

Restaurante Brasileirinho, Rio de Janeiro RJ. Fotos de: Andrea Marques / Fotonauta.

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