Rio de Janeiro nightlife attractions are the nightclubs, the beaches, theatres, restaurants and live music. Youths in Rio generally prefer the clubs for electronic music, hip hop, rock and Carioca Funk.

Lapa (Bar Hopping Area)

In the last years it has become the center of Rio De Janeiro nightlife, with 30 gafieiras (dance halls), 40 bars, a few night clubs and three show venues. Every city should follow suit, setting up a night scene in historic, non-residential areas, with room for growth and no neighbors to complain of the noise. – […]

Rio Scenarium (Club)

The hippest and most swankily decorated place in Rio. A hit with all demographics, from college kids to their great-great-granmas. Get in really early, 8PM early, and have dinner there. Otherwise you may face ‘round the block lines. Rua do Lavradio, 20 tel:3147-9005 | WEBSITE – Lapa    

Salgueiro (Samba School)

The samba school with the best infrastructure: the streets around are safe, it is close to zona Sul, with air conditioning and good-looking people. Quinho, the singer, would be reason enough to go, though. Rua Silva Teles, 104 tel:2238-9226 | WEBSITE – Tijuca    

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