Jazz in’

Also good on Tue-Sat
Approach index: 5
Entrance: Over R$15
Get there at: 6pm
Ages 25 to 45
Dress normal
A happy-hour champagne bar that becomes a club after local office workers reach a “bubbly” stage. Affordable bottles.
Rua Sacadura Cabral 63, Saude (Centro)

Street Party

Beco do Rato

Also good on Wed-Sat
Approach index: 3
Entrance: Free
Get there at: 10pm
Ages 30 to 60
Dress down
Real Brazilians having a real good time. Since it has no cover charge, it becomes a street party. The samba musicians are often on Rio’s A-list. Dress down to fit in. Sing along and dance to Samba or try their pastel de angu de carne (beef fried wontons made of corn mash). Rua Joaquim Silva 11, Lapa

Live Music

bipbip2 OK

Bip Bip

Also good all week
Approach index: 2
Entrance: Free
Get there at: 9pm
Ages 25 to 70
Dress casual
Another down and dirty dive where the locals come to jam various styles of Carioca music, from samba to bossa nova to chorinho. Very authentic, very mixed. Rua Almirante Gonçalves 50, Copacabana


bar urca new outside

Bar Urca

Also good all week
Approach index: 3
Entrance: Free
Get there at: 8pm
Ages 25 to 50
Dress casual
A quaint “sunset” bar in a quiet part of Rio, that hides one of the best views of Botafogo bay and the Christ statue. Get a chopp at the bar and hang around by the sidewalk overlooking the water. Try their shrimp pastel too. Rua Candido Gaffre 205, Urca


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