Casa da Matriz
Also good on Tue-Sun
Approach index: 4
Entrance: Over R$30
Get there at: 10pm
Ages 22 to 35
Dress casual

Imagine someone’s house turned into a night club. 2 Dance floors, 2 bars, 1 shop, 1 movie room and a video game room! Yes, play all those games from your childhood for free while drunk! Frequented by Rio’s neo-hippies, students and the alternative crowd.
Rua Henrique de Novais 107, Botafogo


Street Party

baixogavea OK

Baixo Gávea

Also good on Mon
Approach index: 3
Entrance: Free
Get there at: 8pm
Ages 18 to 30
Dress casual

This is where every college student living in Zona Sul (the south side) is to be found on Sundays and Mondays. People hang out in the street from 6pm till midnight, on Mondays from 8pm to 1am. A guaranteed good time for all. Baixo Gavea, Gavea

Live Music


Praça Sao Salvador

Also good Thu to Sun
Approach index: 5
Entrance: free
Get there 8pm
Ages 23 to 50
Dress down
A square filled with fun-loving Cariocas just hanging out, chilling, catching up on the skinny, the 411, updating the lowdown and so on… BUT, someone always plays some music, to liven up the square and piss of the neighbors!
Praça Sao Salvador, Laranjeiras


cobal humaita OK

Cobal Humaitá

Also good all week
Approach index: 2
Entrance: Free
Get there at: 9pm
Ages 25 to 60
Dress casual
A huge open-air patio filled with tables for Rio’s various tribes to go and gossip about their weekend exploits. Various restaurants to choose from. Well behaved.
Cobal do Humaita, Humaita

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