After hour foods & motels

Motels are not for truckers, but for lovers who rent them by the hour, so the rooms are cheesy-swank, with jacuzzi, ceiling mirrors, sauna and maybe ocean views.
But if you didn’t hook up during your night out, you might as well go for a quick snack before crashing. There aren’t a whole lot of sit-down breakfast or middle-of-the-night restaurants in Rio, so Cariocas turn to hotdogs or caldo de feijao (black bean soup) to absorb all those caipirinhas. The 4 most recommended spots are:
Pizzaria Guanabara: very cheesy and doughy slices of pizza, a traditional after-hour hangout. If you didn’t hook up and still have the energy, give this joint a try.
Cervantes: every taxi-driver’s favorite. The bartenders are the fastest at assembling a pineapple-steak-and-cheese sandwich: 7 seconds.
Hot-dog do Humaitá: you can spot the chef’s hat from far away and the hotdogs are pretty darn good.
Lamas: easily the best US$6 steak sandwich (file mignon, mind you) you’ll ever taste in the history of the world for ever and ever. True that.
Taxi-driver directions are in Portuguese.

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