Santa Teresa and Lapa tour

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Santa Teresa
Rio has many facets: rich, poor, jungle, urban and … quaint. Yes! Santa Teresa is one of the more quaint neighbourhoods in Rio, specially due to its small town feel and the fact that it is on a mountain overlooking the rest of the city.

What’s more, it is colonial, so most of the houses still have that century-old charm. A street tour will do the trick: you’ll get a good idea of local history, while riding the tram and checking out the main attractions.
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Escadaria Selaron Stairs

The 80 meter Sselaron tile OKelaron stairs are composed of tiles from all over the world and a true work of art. Over the past 20 years, Selarón, the late Chilean-born artist painted different cartoons on ceramic tiles, the most famous being the pregnant favela women (see page 72).




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The City Cathedral is another one of Reidy’s works. Although unattractive from the outside, inside it has very powerful lighting and acoustics.

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