Gift Ideas for All Your Loved Ones

The only trick to shopping is knowing where to go and what to get, so here are our suggestions for gift ideas and stores. These are a must for those into import-export.

maria oiticica

Bio-Jewelry from Maria Oiticica
Bio-jewelry? That’s right: jewelry made, not from slave gold and blood stones, but exotic and rare seeds and plants from deep in the Amazon. The design is vibrant and the philosophy refreshing.
For 20 years, Amazonia-native designer, Maria Oiticica, has been designing jewelry and accessories that attract the attention of the entire ball, true works of art. Get it while it’s still incredibly affordable!

Maria Oiticica flagship store
Shopping Leblon, 1st floor
Maria Oiticica studio
Rua Visconde de Carandai 19, Jardim Botanico
tel: 2275-4197



coffetablebooks OK
Coffee-table books on Brazil
found at: bookstores

smallcamisa OK

Brazilian soccer team shirt
found at: souvenir shops

smallmagnifica OK

Bottle of Cachaça
found at: supermarkets

smalldoce de leite OK

Pot of Doce de leite
found at: supermarkets


Requeijão (super creamy cheese)
found at: supermarkets


Goiabada (Guava sweet)
found at: supermarkets


Havaiana Flip-Flops
found at: souvenir shops

charuto Dflorgrancorocx

“Dona Flor” Brazilian Cubans
found at: souvenir shops

cds OK

Brazilian Music CDs
Best place to find good stuff: Bossa Nova store (Rua Duvivier 37 in Copa).


Premium Brazilian Coffee
found at: supermarkets

smallcaipirinha - OK

Caipirinha pestle and mortar
found at: souvenir shops


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