Surfing is still the coolest beach sport and just mentioning it impresses ladies anywhere in the world. But learning it is hard, exhausting and takes many days. For the two hours you spend in the water, over 60 minutes are spent swimming on the board, 58 are spent waiting for a wave and the last 2 minutes is the time you spend riding the wave. (Really, no shit).
Unless you are staying more than a week in Rio, we don’t recommend taking the classes as they will take up 2 hours a day and wear you out for the rest of the day. Unless you are in Olympic condition, it won´t be worth it. Most students are only able to stand on the board on the second day and it takes about 7 lessons before you are doing basic manoevers. However, if you have started taking lessons elsewhere, feel confident about your physical condition and want to try it anyway, we recommend this world famous instructor:

Rico de Souza Surf School 
Contact: Rico
Barra beach at posto 5
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