Scuba Diving

Dive Day

Angra dos Reis is a paradise only 2 hours from Rio, with warm sunlight, calm and crystalline waters, virgin Atlantic Forest and indescribable natural beauty. There are many bays, more than 1,000 beaches and around 365 islands. The largest island is called Ilha Grande, the perfect place for a boat trip or diving.
There are 3 ways to go diving: Doing a Dive Day, a Solo Dive or a Dive Weekend.
Dive Day
This is ideal for those who have never been scuba diving, or to Ilha Grande. With this option, you learn the basics of diving with a certified instructor, then go underwater for about an hour. This is plenty of time to enjoy your eye-opening experince.
Price without transfer: R$300 pp. Includes equipment, instruction, boat pick up from Angra dos Reis. Minimum 2 people.

Solo Diving
If you have diving experience, you can rent equipment and choose your own spot to explore.
Price: R$300 includes all the equipment and 2 dives w/ boat rental with sailor. Pick up in Angra dos Reis. Minimum 2 people.

Dive Weekend
You can also enjoy Ilha Grande by staying the weekend at their island B&B, diving during the morning, exploring the island in the afternoon and hanging with the locals and travelers at night.
Price: R$1400 pp, the 2-Dive Day package with 4 dives, while staying 2 nights at a B&B with dinner, transfer from Rio to Ilha Grande (car service and boat). Minimum 2 people.
All these tours are offered by:

Océan Centro de Mergulho 
contact: Flávia Fonseca /
Tel: 2524-4000 or 99529-8776
Oper. Base: Enseada do Bananal 
Ilha Grande - Angra dos Reis
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