Plana Surfing Cagarra islands

Planasurfing was invented in Brazil 20 years ago and, in M.H.O, the coolest way to explore the ocean life, specially for someone who isn’t a diver!

Think of it as speed-snorkeling. Let the boat gently pull you with your friends while you hold the breath for a few seconds and point your board to where you want to go.

Think of it as speed-snorkeling

A cool way to swim like a dolphin in the gorgeous sea of Barra da Tijuca home of the mystic Gavea rock and the Tijucas Islands! Try innovative boards in the water or glide smoothly over the waters using the Planafloater buoys. All easy, simple and safe!

It will only take you a few seconds, not even a minute, to become an expert! It’s suitable for all ages, from 7 to 70 years old. A sensational experience you must have in life!

An instructor will guide and follow you closely at all times. Our tour has a safe boat and all safety and navy standards including life vests. The towing circuits are possible for up to 5 people simultaneously for approximately 20 minutes at slow speeds ensuring no difficulties for any user.

Check out now for this unforgettable experience!

Contact: Leonardo
Cel: +55 21 98189-9724 (click here to msg on whatsapp)
Price: $40 USD including instructor, equipments, insurance waiver and snacks. Does not include transfer.

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