Off-Road Biking & Bike Tour

Even beginners will enjoy the bike tours in Rio, through Tijuca Forest.
Following the mud trails you will bike through the city, crossing the Atlantic Forest, appreciating panoramic views of Rio de Janeiro, such as from Vista Chinesa or Corcovado mountain (Christ Statue).
The cycle up takes 2 hours, while the slalom down is done in a fraction of that.
If you opt for the full day tour, you´ll cycle through Tijuca Forest up to the Christ Statue.

Alternatively, one hour from Rio, the countryside of Petrópolis is all hills and mountains, a great place to bike, where you can pick up some speed. This is adjusted for the moderately experienced biker.
An ideal sport for cloudy days, even for those who can totally relate to Garfield.

Crux Ecoaventura 
Contact: Marcelo
Tel: 3322-8765 or 98734-0581
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Tours range from R$ 420 pp for a
half day bike tour in Tijuca Forest
to R$ 850 pp for a full day tour in
Petrópolis off-road districts.
Minimum of 2 pax. Ask for group

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