Hang Gliding & Paragliding

Hang-gliding and paragliding are by far our highest recommendations, as Rio is one of the few tropical cities in the world where you can fly over the city and land on a beach.
A tandem flight is an instructional flight, where you can get a taste for the sport without needing any previous experience. On this course, each person gets a personal trainer, grade A equipment and service within an hour.
Regardless of the weather, you should call as soon as you arrive in Rio to ask to be on standby and request for more information about the climate conditions. There are various factors that determine whether you can fly and this analysis is included in the service. Don’t book your your flight for the last day of your trip in Rio, if weather conditions don’t allow, you may end up losing out on the chance to fly over the Marvelous City.

To learn more about the sport, contact RioCharm Tours, who work solely with professional instructors and have safety in mind first and foremost, a huge differential.

RioCharm Tours
Contact: Max
tel: 98894-9857 
Price: Tandem Hang or Paraglide lesson = R$650 with free transfers for RFP readers.
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