Silly Pastimes

skoltime OKSkol Time
Down here to party all week with your buddies? Draw a watch on your wrist, pointing the hour hand to a “Skol” marker and leave your real watch at home. Whenever your buddies ask what time it is, it will be “Skol Time” and you all have to chug one.

Not stalking, just anthropology… and it’s the funniest shit. Hang around Padaria Ipanema on Rua Visconde de Piraja with Rua Joana Angelica during the day, waiting for a foxy woman to pass by. Follow her (with your eyes). Now watch everyone’s reaction as she passes: eyes will open, jaws will drop, cars will stop, drool will splatter and necks will crack out loud, turning to get a complete evaluation.

Midnight Soccer Game in Flamengo Park
There are freaks playing soccer till 5 in the morning at the soccer fields in Flamengo. And they serve beer and barbecue! The famous “amateur league” games to watch for are the Doorman teams against the Waiters. To get there, ask your taxi driver for “Campo de futebol no Aterro do Flamengo”

Beer under Bat Tree
Into Batman? Who isn’t. How about a beer under the Bat Tree, in Praça Nossa Senhora da Paz in Ipanema? Walking around the park you’ll see bats on a tree like electrons on a proton. They usually don’t bite, but that’s how the adrenaline kicks in.

Getting Drunk on the Paddle Boats
They’ve got these super-cheesy swan paddle boats on the Lagoa during November to December at night (during the day all year round), but if you bring a bottle of champagne, vodka or wine, the cheesiness will melt away, specially if accompanied by a cigar or what not.
Taxi instruction “Pedalinho da Lagoa, na reta do Corte de Cantagalo”.
Afterwards head over to Palaphita Kitsch, the Amazonian kiosk (100 ft away) for exotic caipirinhas.seselaron tile big OK

Visit Selaron Stairs
Selaron is already mentioned in two other spots in this book, but his work is so cool it is worth emphasizing. Get to Lapa and ask for “Escadaria Selaron”.

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