1-Day Brazilian Cooking Lessons

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Like to cook? Want to play around and learn some Brazilian recipes to show off to your friends back home? Take one of these 4 hour cooking classes with Cook in Rio. Learn it all and of course, eat it all.
Simone, the instructor, focuses not only on the techniques and ingredients, but on introducing Brazilian culture through food.
A) Feijoada menu:
Pork meat and black bean stew, rice, collard greens, oranges, farofa, rice), accompanied by caipirinha, pork rinds and brigadeiro for dessert.
B) Moqueca menu:
Batida de coco drink, fried cassava, shrimp moqueca with rice and farofa, followed by coconut manjar for dessert.
These lessons only include ingredients that can be readily found in the US or EU countries.

Cook in Rio
Contact: Simone 
tel: 98894-9857 
[email protected] www.cookinrio.com
Price: US$ 75 per person, includes drinks and food. Schedule ahead.