Discover free daytime activities like climbing Gavea Rock, Hang-gliding, tours and attractions and much more in Rio de Janeiro.

Lagoa & Botanical Gardens

JB Pedro Kirilos riodejaneiro.pedrokirilos (55)Cycling around Lagoa is a great option when the weather, or your head, is cloudy. Estimated Total Time (T): 5h Estimated Total Cost (C): R$ 60 Best on: Cloudy Weekday

Get breakfast at a juice bar: Acai (see page 164) with a misto-quente.

Rent bike
Rent a bike for the whole day. Ask your hotel reception for the nearest bike rental, or consider the Samba Bikes (see page 52).
Make sure you rent the lock too, as you will be leaving it locked here and there.

Cycle around Lagoa
Head over to Lagoa and cycle around it anti-clockwise, stopping at any of the coconut stands for some coconut water.

Stop for lunch at the Gavea mall`s food court. After lunch, check out the rest of the mall.

Jardim Botânico
Once three quarters of the way around Lagoa, you should look for signs for Jardim Botanico. Get over there, lock the bike and walk around for an hour.

Designer street
Rio’s designer corner, with 4 large stores showcasing dozens of designer creations.
Rua Lopes Quintas, between 87 and 167

Parque Lage
Then bike over to Parque Lage, right next door. Nice. Snoop Dogg`s “Beautiful” video was filmed there. Chill at their cafe and soak it all in. Plan out your video clip for your future smash-hit single featuring Placido Domingos.

Climbing Gavea Rock

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Special deal: climb a mountain and get a view to die for.

tel: 3322-8765 or 9392-9203





Hike to Tijuca Peak




 The hike is steep, yet not enough to need to climb. Tours whenever the weather seems promising. Bring snacks, outdoor shoes, swim gear and a camera!
tel: 4105-7533





Scary yet exciting, but, of course, that’s the idea. After a flight, however, your self-confidence will skyrocket and you’ll be thankful you didn’t miss out on the incredible view! Tip: Call a few days ahead, so you can be notified of favorable wind-conditions, helping to guarantee a longer flight time.


RioCharm Tours
Praia do Pepino
tel: Max= 21 8894 9857

Gavea Horse Tracks

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In addition to the dazzling views, Brazil’s largest horse race track can bring about unforgettable thrills! Pick your favorite and feel your heart flutter in the frantic rhythm of the hoofbeats.

Rua Jardim Botânico, 1003  2259-1596 |WEBSITE – Gávea



Cycling the Coastline

You can cover most of the city, specially the scenic coast, on a bike. Rent one, or schedule to join a bike touring company like Urban Tours, that takes groups daily.

tel: 8894-9857
WEBSITE – Carioquices



Pão De Açúcar (SugarLoaf)

Absolutely unforgettable, from start to finish! Ask one hundred Cariocas on which view they prefer, whether from Sugar Loaf or from the Christ Statue, and you will get a draw.

Av Pasteur 520
tel:2461-2700 | WEBSITE – Urca




Aestheticians and dermatologists in Rio are ready to make you look your best. Diode Laser for epilation, Botox, Pixel, IPL device for skin spots and spider veins, Thermage for contouring, fillers and peels or a good old fashion facial are the most requested by tourists, since you can walk in and out in under 2 hours. Call to learn more.

Rua Visconde de Piraja 433 / 5th floor

tel:2287-9696 | WEBSITE – Ipanema



Spa Nirvana


Rainy Rio? All right! Latin America´s largest urban spa offers half and full day packages for you to choose between 18 massages, foot reflexology, clay body-therapy, lymphatic drainage, body peel, and aroma-therapy bath.


Nirvana Spa
Praca Santos Dumont 31 (inside
the Jockey Club), Gávea
tel: 2187-0100
nirvana [at]
Prices start at roughly R$100 for
1 hour, depending on the service.

Spa Nirvana

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Spa Nirvana -22.972881, -43.225525 More

Casa de Cultura Laura Alvin (Cultural Center)

The stone slab pathway leads visitors to the cozy inner courtyard. Have a cup of coffee, watch a movie or play.

Av. Vieira Souto, 176

tel:2247-6946 | WEBSITE – Ipanema



Confeitaria Colombo (Coffee House)

There isn´t anything more traditional and refined in Brazil than drinking tea at Colombo Confectionery downtown. History adorns every detail. While trying the portuguese desserts and pastries, let the century old mirrors and decor sink in.

Rua Gonçalves Dias, 32
tel: 2505-1500 | WEBSITE – Centro



Lagoa Rodrigo De Freitas (Lagoon) in Rio De Janeiro Travel

Lagoa Rodrigo De Freitas Lagoon Rio De Janeiro Travel

Every day, even before the first rays of sun, it welcomes its first guests: rowers, cyclists, joggers. Little by little, others join in: babies, mothers, nannies, sailors, lovers. All of them a dedicated supporting cast to a daily spectacle starred by waters which sparkle 24 hours a day.

Amsterdam Sauer Jewelry Museum

A museum of Brazilian gemstones. Shows everything from the mining process to the design of each jewelry. Free entrance.

Rua Garcia D’Ávila, 105 WEBSITE – Ipanema

Toca Do Vinicius (Music shop)

A temple to Bossa Nova built into a store! Tip: music sheet, songbooks, CDs and DVDs are not all: original t-shirts have a lot to say.

Rua Vinícius Moraes, 129
tel:2247-5227 | WEBSITE – Ipanema



Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (Cultural Center)

Cultural program to please all. Cinema, theater, library, lectures, recitals—all in a lavish historical building, with a central atrium topped by a magnificent skylight cupola bathing the interior of the building in natural light. In here, Art never rests!

Rua 1º de Março, 66
tel:3808-2020 | WEBSITE – Centro



Mosteiro De São Bento (Monastery)

In Brazilian Baroque style, with a gilded wood interior, it is visually imposing. Mass, said daily and supported by Gregorian Chant, is an attraction by itself.

Rua D Gerardo, 40
tel: 2206-8100 | – Centro



Museum of Modern Art

Rio De Janeiro Travel in Museum of Modern Art


The waterfront building is already a piece of art on its own that any Rio De Janeiro Travel group should visit, but there is more! Art exhibits, large and lofty halls, gourmet restaurant, movie theater, design objects store… Well worth the visit, no matter what is in exhibition.

Av. Infante Dom Henrique 85
tel:2240-4944 | WEBSITE – Flamengo



Jardim Botânico (Botanical Gardens)

Wandering through these paths leads the mind towards harmony. The smell of green freshness invades every nook and cranny of your lungs with a bewildering sensation. The world changes, everything gains new meaning!

R. Jardim Botânico, 1008
tel:2239-5340 | – Jardim Botânico



Parque Lage

At the base of Corcovado mountain,

you´ll in fall in love for this place! Snoop Dogg did, and shot his “Beautiful” video here.

address and contact info for Parque LageRua Jardim Botânico, 414 3257-1800 | – Jardim Botânico


Forte De Copacabana (Fort)

Ever since the Army granted access to the public, people have been won over by the unexpected and novel views of Copacabana, Arpoador, Ipanema and Leblon. From high up on the hill, right beside the cannons, the view is breathtaking!

address and contact info for Forte De CopacabanaAv Atlântica Posto 6
tel:2287-3781 | – Copacabana



Praia do Pepê (Beach)

A festival of good-looking people! Here you can check the city’s tightest, most ripped bodies. Celebrities or unknown, all could very well grace a magazine cover or centerfold. Tip: Be discreet with the camera, you paparazzo wannabe you!

Av. do Pepê – Barra



Ipanema (Beach)

Don’t think it over. Just go. It’s mandatory

and wonderful. Tip: rent a beach chair and umbrella and bask in the congenial niceness of the barraqueiros (cabana boys).

address and contact info for IpanemaAv Vieira Souto – Ipanema


Theatro Municipal (Opera House) – Rio De Janeiro Travel

So sumptuous that, by entering it, you undergo a transformation. You feel like nobility and act like it too. Concerts, ballet, recitals, opera. Pick your favorite and let yourself go.

address and contact info for Theatro MunicipalPraca Marechal Floriano
tel:2262-3501 | WEBSITE – Centro



Lagoa Aventuras (Adventure Park)

Ideal for kids and grown-ups jonesing for an adrenaline rush. Not just for kids! You’ll test your intestinal fortitude with the zipline and tree top adventure, even with all safety gear on…

Av Epitácio Pessoa 3000 Pq. da Catacumba
tel: 4105-0079 | WEBSITE – Lagoa



Reserva Do Recreio (Semi-deserted Beach)

It doesn’t even feel like you’re in Rio, as the vegetation of the sand bar helps hide the condos from view.

– Recreio



Aula De Culinária (Brazilian Cooking Class)

Raining? Take a one-day (4 hour) cooking class at Cook in Rio and learn how to cook Bahian seafood moqueca or the traditional black bean feijoada, as well as Brazilian cocktails and appetizers . US$ 75 per person includes food and drinks.

tel: 98761-3653

whatsapp: 98894 9857

Cook in Rio

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Cook in Rio -22.901624, -43.175588 More

Arcos Da Lapa (Arches)

Several Brazilian cities would give everything to have such a historically important, beautiful and awe-inspiring post-card. Largo da Lapa Lapa

Selaron Stairs

Perhaps one of the top five most interesting attractions in Rio: 30 years of daily dedication lavished on by a Chilean artist.

Rua Joaquim Silva – Lapa



Ocean Kayaking

Have you thought about going around Sugar Loaf mountain via the sea? Astonishing? Yes! The bay water are calm enough to make the experience pleasureable, and easy enough for most. Daily tours. Book 24 hours in advance.

tel: 3322-8765 or 9392-9203




Ocean Fishing

Tired of freshwater fishing? Try to land a marlin! Tremendously expensive, so get some friends and go Dutch.

address and contact info for Pescaria Em Alto Mar – Alto Mar



Santa Teresa Tram

Dripping with charm, yet so ancient they

seem about to fall apart. Do ride on one. It is quite amusing to watch snippets of daily life unfold, such as the conductor stopping, going out to buy smokes, climbing back up aboard and riding on nonchalantly.

address and contact info for Bondinho De Santa TeresaAv. Pasteur, 520 2546-8400 | WEBSITE – Santa Teresa


Christ Statue

Among the Seven Modern Wonders of the World, it is the closest to God one can get in Rio. The best way to go see the Statue of the Christ is to take the Corcovado train. During high season, get there early, or buy the ticket early and come back by 4:30PM to be up there by sunset. Rua Cosme Velho, 513 tel: 2558-1329 | WEBSITE – Cosme Velho

Maracanã (soccer stadium)

The largest temple in Brazil, where every Wednesday and Sunday 120 thousand people congregate to do some serious praying, devoutly intense, making all sorts of promises to the saints. Want to go, but are scared? Go with a group, with the hook-up: van, tickets, security chaperones etc.


Tour company:

tel: 9998-2907



Copa Walking path

Ever walked and prayed? You will. Be thankfull.

– Copacabana

Joatinga Beach

Joatinga Beach in Rio De Janeiro Travel

The most secluded and the most ‘Hawaiian’ of Rio’s beaches. Send us a “Thank you”! Arrive early, because the sun will be blocked by the cliff later on.

– São Conrado



Passeio De Escuna (Boat tour)

“Ducaramba”! Ainda mais se tiver festa, sol e cerveja.

Awesome! Especially it there is partying, sunshine and beer.

address and contact info for Passeio De EscunaMarina da Gloria 2581-6229 | WEBSITE – Gloria

Pedra Bonita Walk

The Beautiful Rock. The name says it all. The hike is inclined, yet not enough to need to climb. Tours whenever the weather seems promissing. Bring snacks and adventure gear. And a camera!

tel: 3322-8765 or 9392-9203


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