rio de janeiro travel guide for 2015

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rio de janeiro travel guide for 2015

Best Travel Guide AND Grand-prize Winner of the North American Travel Journalists Association 2005 Awards.

Grand Prize winner complete article.
rio de janeiro travel guide for 2015

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All 49 Amazon book reviews give it 5 stars.

rio for partiersA Rio de Janeiro guide book designed by young people for young people

This Rio de Janeiro Travel guideis here to take care of you in Rio de Janeiro, which means not only reminding you to get flip flop sandals and after-sun solution, but also “remedio para desarranjo” (anti-diarhea medicine) and “remedio para ressaca” (hangover medicine)....

Lawrance M. Bernabo - for - Top 10 reviewer rio for partiers

rio for partiersThis Book and 7 days are all you need to live it up in Rio

Rio for Partiers is not your parents’ travel guide; if you thought all travel guides are boring (hey I thought so too), you haven’t checked out this amazing guide book, written for young people by young people. Live music, clubbing, street parties, or just plan chilling: it’s all right there

Darkgenius - for Top 100 reviewer rio for partiers

rio for partiersYoung Hearts Run Free

At a first glance the price seem high for a 148 page pocket-sized book, but ... these discounts will save you far more than the cost of the book

Peter D. Harris - for - Top 50 reviewer rio for partiers

rio for partiersFor Shallow Interests, But Promises Great Fun

This book, more than lavishly illustrated with high quality photos, is an enormously attractive travel guide to hedonistic Rio de Janeiro.

Joe Haschka - for - Top 100 reviewer rio for partiers

rio for partiersA classy and Very Thorough Guide to Rio de Janeiro

... with writer/editor/art director Cristiano Nogueira’s multiple talents this is a witty, entertaining, very informative, and indispensably useful guide to discovering the myriad delights of Rio de Janeiro ...”. “ ... it’s an excellent and wonderfully readable seduction to a city that promises about everything you’d want. Highly recommended!

Michael R. Mathena - for - Top 100 reviewer rio for partiers

rio for partiersThe Real City that never sleeps!

This guide also includes a number of places that offer price breaks on various services. One section features a crash-course dictionary with the most useful words and phrases. This is a MUST for the average mono-lingual American tourist.

Grady Harp - for - Top 50 reviewer rio for partiers

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Cristiano Nogueira - Author

Cristiano Nogueira

A tip from a professional travel writer & author

Rio For Partiers is what I have focused the last 11 years of my life on. And more important than making a living as an author, is knowing that my readers are returning home thinking “Best trip EVER!”

“Winging it” in a large city like Rio doesn`t work.

Attractions are a far apart. Things can be expensive. There is lots of crud amongst the jewels. If you use the “let`s check it out, if it sucks, we’ll go somewhere else” attitude, I am sorry to say, you are bound to spend tons on cabbing your way around town, and eating crappy meals.

Or you might just give up. Or show up to a club on a dead night, which can trigger conflict with your travel mates and put people off.

The problem with the free online travel guides

Sure, there are plenty of free travel guides on the web. The problem with most of them are:

1. They are tend to be short, covering the basics that all the others cover.
2. They are out-dated.
3. There are tons of them... who has the time to read and sift through them all?

What a published, robust travel guide like Rio For Partiers offers is a cohesive sequence of tips and suggestions on where to go from the beginning of your trip to the end.
One north, so you won`t get lost. One clock, so you know what time it is.

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ISBN-10: 8589992071 / ISBN-13: 978-8589992077
Product Dimensions: 7 x 5.3 x 0.6 inches

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